Top 10 Reasons to be a Mesa Book Festival Sponsor

Top 10 Reasons to be a Mesa Book Festival Sponsor
August 5, 2019 No Comments » Mesa Book Festival Bob

The Mesa Book Festival, an annual event by Anthology, Inc., provides a a direct connection between small press, independent authors and the public, helping readers find exciting, new books written right in their own neighborhood. As a non-profit, we depend on our supporters to empower us to do greater, more exciting things to inspire reading and writing in our community. That’s where YOU come in.

The Mesa Book Festival provides 5 Levels of Sponsorship support to accommodate those that love reading and supporting readers and authors:

Fan Donor  |  Supporter Donor  |  Friend Donor Partner Donor  |  Benefactor Donor

Each comes with a set of “Thank You” benefits. But Why should you support? Well, here are 10 reasons…

10) Mesa is kind of a Big Deal. We should have a Book Festival and literary culture to match.

9) Close your eyes and imagine for a moment standing in the middle of 60+ booths, Hundreds of Authors and THOUSANDS of books. If that gets you excited, I think you’re ready to support!

8) Small Authors are BIG Business… Each small press or independent author is a small business, and the more we encourage them, the stronger the literary community becomes, and the more economic activity it generates, from book sales, to printing to promotional activities and more.

7) It’s only 11 days before Christmas- Think about all the Last minute shoppers you’ll be helping by supporting the Festival!

6) Depending on the your level of support, there are a ton of “Thank You” options!

5) Feel that “Warm Fuzzy” by giving to a literary non-profit, then go meet the authors and their books that you helped get in front of new readers! Even BIGGER “Warm Fuzzy”!

4) Your support allows us to bring in more guests,  programs and entities to support our mission of promoting the literary arts. A dynamic range of talent and engagement can greatly grow the influence of the festival beyond Mesa.

3) Got a book idea in your mind and haven’t had time to write it yet? Supporting us makes sure there’s a book festival for you to sell it at when you do!

2) Fighting Illiteracy is a fight for health care- “Low literacy rates costs $73 million per year in terms of direct health care costs.” from here.

1) Uhhhh, Mesa, we have a problem… “Long Beach, CA was ranked the country’s most illiterate city, followed by Mesa, AZ, and Aurora, CO.” from here. Clearly, we need all hands on deck to support and encourage reading and literacy in Mesa. Let’s do this, together!


Anthology, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) recognized non profit in the State of Arizona. Our Tax ID is: 86-1023292. Consult your tax advisor regarding eligibility to write off donations based upon your tax circumstances.

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