Mesa Book Festival “Benefactor Donor”

Mesa Book Festival “Benefactor Donor”


Our “Benefactor” level donor is a great way to support the work of the Mesa Book Festival


Be a BENEFACTOR of the Festival!

Your $2,500 donation helps us expand programming, add special guests and offer more to the attendees. It’s important to us that the Festival ALWAYS remain free to the public, and your support ensures that always is the case.

As a thank you for your donation, your name will be listed in the print program for the day and on the sponsors post and the “Benefactor’s Page” at Additionally, you’ll have a custom pass to allow your access for all ticketed events on the day of the event. Also, we thank Partners in the introduction comments to each speaker by the moderator during the event.

To be a Benefactor level supporter for multiple years, change the “Quantity: in the cart, We’ll carry your contribution forward and thank your for each year that you have donated. All Benefactor Level Donors that support for 5 years or more in advance are listed on a special page at

Anthology, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) recognized non profit in the State of Arizona. Our Tax ID is: 86-1023292. Consult your tax advisor regarding eligibility to write off donations based upon your tax circumstances.


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